Transformation - John 2:1-11

16 January, 2022 Greg and Meryem Brown

Perennial favourites Greg & Meryem Brown bring us their usually powerful reflection on John 2:1-11

Turning water into wine. Are we ready to be transformed into something precious?

Sunday 16 January 2022 


God's Presence - Luke 3:15-22

9 January, 2022 Peter Kane

Guest Speaker Peter Kane - Live on Sunday 9 January 2022 at RUC

A great sermon on the Baptism of Jesus and what this tells us about our need for God's Presence.

Luke 3:15-17, 21-22


Alone - John 1:10-18

2 January, 2022 Paul Clark

Rev Paul Clark looks at the loneliness suggested in the haunting verses of John 1:1-18. "He came to his own, but his own did not recognise him."

Loneliness seems to have become an epidemic in today's social media, digitally connected world - especially if you add the covid pandemic and lock downs. Is there an antidote to loneliness?

"Get alone with God to fight loneliness."


Boxing Day

26 December, 2021 Paul Clark

Join us as Paul takes us on a reflection on 2021, asking where was God involved in our Journey.

NOTE: This sermon is a playlist, you may need to visit here and click on Boxing Day to get the entire sermon.


Christmas Day 2021

25 December, 2021 Tim Griggs

Join us as Tim Griggs leads us in a journey to the nativity.

NOTE: This sermon is a playlist - You may need to visit here and click on "Christmas Day" to get the whole message.


Christmas is about Singing - Luke 1:39-55

12 December, 2021 Paul Clark

Christmas is a musical!

I had never noticed before how much singing is around the Christmas Story in Scripture. Something about this event made people sing, and we are still singing today.

In this fascinating and powerful sermon Paul Clark asks, "What makes us sing?" and applies that to the Christmas Story, to Mary's Magnificat and the other songs in Luke's version of the story.

Does Christmas make you sing?

"After 60 years in churches I had never heard a message like this."


John the Baptist - Luke 3:7-18

5 December, 2021 Paul Clark

Paul Clark aka John the Baptist comes and presents his message in rap, with a phat beat.

What would John's message sound like today? Is his message of repentance good news?


Christmas is about Presence

28 November, 2021 Rev Dr Adam McIntosh

Rev Dr Adam McIntosh asks us to consider if we can find Christ's presence in our lives in the lead up to Christmas. Luke 3:1-6


Christmas is about Giving

21 November, 2021 Paul Clark

When we think of Christmas, we think about Giving. As we begin our Advent season Paul Clark takes the story of the Widow's mite to reflect on giving. He also asks, 'could we have this reading all wrong?'