Day of Atonement - Leviticus 16

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1 August, 2021Kerri-Anne DooleyEnlarge your tent

Kerri-Anne Dooley brings a wealth of first hand experience to her sermon on the Day of Atonement having lived in Israel.

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Prayer - Wide & Deep

3 October, 2021 Paul Clark

Paul Clark talks about the two things you need to know in your soul to empower prayer. He does this by putting the book of Ephesians into its historical context, [a minority opinion supported by the likes of NT Wright] that show how St. Paul was subject to something like burn out, and that his prayers, and these two things, helped him work his way out. They then became foundations of his New Testament writing.


Prayer - Intercession

26 September, 2021 Eric Lawson

Rev Eric Lawson explores the prayer of St. Paul in Ephesians 1:15-23, to help us thing about and develop our prayer lives.


Prayer - The Persistent Widow

19 September, 2021 Hairy Puppet

Hairy the Puppet brings a profound reflection on prayer, how easy or hard it is. How God has a huge dilemma with prayer. Deciding on conflicting prayers, bringing answers when he can't force people, and overcoming death - and the paradox of the parable of the persistent widow.


Cities of Refuge - Numbers 35

12 September, 2021 Tim Griggs

We take a bit of a detour to Numbers 35 to consider the cities of refuge, to finish our Numbers series for the time being. It's a glimmer of grace in the midst of the book of Numbers.


Exodus 14 - No Return

5 September, 2021 Paul Clark

Paul Clark explores the challenging reading from Numbers 14, where it is declared to Israel that they will wonder in the wilderness for 40 years.


The Edge - Numbers 13:1-33

29 August, 2021 Paul Clark

The Israelites find themselves on the edge of the Promised Land. The news from their spies is fantastic and dreadful. The land is wonderful, but if they want it, they need to fight giants. What are they going to do? Isn't it obvious? Then why don't we have the same courage when we have the same dilemma in our life?

Rev Paul Clark explores life on the Edge, forks in our road, why they are so difficult, and what we can do about it. Does God have a plan for our life, or does the Bible say something more profound?


Making Peace with our anxious self

22 August, 2021 Paul Clark

Paul Clark, through a jam-packed-with-creative-stuff message, unpacks Numbers 11 to show us how to begin to make peace with our anxious self.

In our anxious times, this is a powerful message. Cats and Cucumbers, Census, Tokyo Olympic pictograms - what a journey.


Leviticus - The Jubilee

15 August, 2021 Tim Griggs

Tim Griggs expertly rounds off our 4 week series in the Book of Leviticus with the remarkable idea of the year of Jubilee.


Feasts and Festivals

8 August, 2021 Greg and Meryem Brown

Greg and Meryem Brown, as they always do, bring us a powerful, compassionate, challenging and nursing word from Leviticus on the Feasts and Festivals found within. These words can still speak powerfully to us today.


The Five Fingers of the Law

25 July, 2021 Paul Clark

As part of our larger journey out of Egypt to the Promised land, we're having a quick trip through the book of Leviticus. Paul Clark gives an amazing overview of the book of Leviticus. How are we to understand this enigmatic book? The answer might be in your pocket right now!


Glory on the Tent - Exodus 40:33-38

11 July, 2021 Mark Millard

The tabernacle is complete, God's Glory descends. Mark Millard takes us on a road trip through the Bible tracing God's presence with his people.


Don't forget to Remember. Exodus 39

4 July, 2021 Paul Clark

Rev Dr Adam McIntosh brings us a great message on what the Tabernacle was all about in the big picture, as Moses inspects its completion.


Building for Glory - Exodus 37-39

27 June, 2021 Paul Clark

What do our worship building tell us about God and us? Could a building shape our relationship with God?


Exodus 35 - Gifts to Glory

20 June, 2021 Paul Clark

In Exodus 35:30-36:7 God bestows gifts of the Holy Spirit on tradies, artisans and craftspeople to build the tabernacle so that God's Glory can fall on the community. The Holy Spirit first comes on tradies!

There is a bigger plan afoot. Let Paul Clark take you on the journey from Gifts to Glory.


Exodus 35 - Offerings

6 June, 2021 Tim Griggs

Tim Griggs explores Exodus 35:4-29 where God invites the Israelites to bring offerings to build the temple. Powerful exploration.


Exodus 34 - Break up story

30 May, 2021 Paul Clark

In a fascinating message that explores the breakup songs of our lives, Paul Clark looks at Exodus 34.