The Word of the Lord

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10 January, 2016Paul Clark

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Aaron's Staff - Numbers 17:1-11

15 May, 2022 Eric Lawson

Rev Eric Lawson explores the budding of Aaron's staff and what that says about grumbling, order, leadership and freedom.


Sin left unchecked - Numbers 15:22-41

1 May, 2022 Paul Clark

We're back in the book of Numbers 'finishing' our journey with the Hebrews, from slavery in Egypt to a new community in the Promised Land.

Numbers contains some of the most difficult stories in the scripture, stories that have seen people walk away from faith. Paul Clark helps us understand Numbers, and see it's relevance for us today as we journey towards our 'Promised Land' of the Community HUB.


Lord, open my eyes - Luke 24:13-35

24 April, 2022 Rev Helen Dick

Rev Helen Dick walks the Journey to Emmaus with those first two disciples.