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23 June, 2020

Welcome to our new Discipleship Portal!

Here you can begin, or further your discipleship journey.

What is discipleship? Jesus asked people to follow him and become his disciples. A modern equivalent is apprentice. Someone who walks/works with a more experienced practitioner and learns from them. As followers of Jesus, Jesus calls us to become like him. In today's world you can do that online! You can walk with us online, and make personal contact when you are ready. We have amazing resources from around the world at out fingertips! So start or renew your discipleship journey here!

A great place to start is the Alpha Course we are about to run online! Check out the link to Alpha...

[Under construction - more coming soon!]

Discipleship Portal

One of the first places to start in your discipleship is the Bible. What do you know? Here is a great introductory series to the Bible. The way our pathway works is you watch the video, then do the online reflection. It can be anonymous, or you can ask for feedback! [If any of the links don't work - please let us know [paul@redcliffeuniting.com.au]

  1. What is the Bible?

Do the Reflection Survey...

2. The Big Biblical Story

Do the Reflection Survey...

3. Literary Styles

Do the reflection Survey...

4. Jewish Meditation Literature

Do the reflection Survey...

Do Alpha to find out, see the link below...

Arriving Now - Our Nine session Journalling series. A great way to enhance your prayer life. Learn how to Journal.

Start here - Week 1

Week 1 Reflection Survey

Week 2 - Click here!

Week 2 Reflection Document

Week 3 Click here.

Week 3 Reflection.

Week 4...

Coming Soon

Coming Soon