21 February, 2020

Joy to the World

What a Christmas!

I can’t remember a more meaningful, more impactful Christmas in all my ministry years!

Last Christmas was something worth celebrating. Remembering the God of the Universe inexplicable revealing Himself to us as a completely vulnerable child was a transcending experience. Communicated to us through song, puppets, video, story and word in our worship! The joy in worship this year seemed like the best I remember. It was exciting to lead congregations that were sitting on the edge of their seats anticipating that something good was going to happen. Thanks to the worship, sound and admin teams.

We also experienced how the birth of Christ, all these years later, is impacting our world.

Joy Harris organised a choir to sing with the angels at the local nursing home. It was wonderful to hear them singing so enthusiastically, and so special for the choir to serenade Francis Cowells just days before she was promoted to glory.

Mark & Glenda Millard and so many volunteers descended on the church in the week before Christmas to sort, pack and distribute 300+ Christmas Hampers and 500+ presents to hundreds of families and individuals. It was staggering logistics partnering with many other local organisations – Encircle, Breakfast Club, El Shaddai, Uniting Care, St Vinnies, Target, St. Andrew’s Hospital. [Sorry if I missed you!]

During that same week Mark & Glenda were joined by Catering, Giving from the Heart and the Dept of Communities to provide a Christmas party for some of the most disadvantaged families in our community. Something like 300 presents were provided [not all families were in attendance] and a wonderful meal.

Christmas Day Paddy and a team of volunteers joined with Moreton Bay Regional Industry & Tourism to provide Christmas lunch for 200 people. We received such good feedback for the event, the feel, the food and the Ministry of Paddi. The impact of Christmas is still reverberating in the new year!

Thank you for how you gave generously with time, presents and money. God is still at work in our world!

Paul Clark