Who is Jesus

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23 July, 2020

Christianity raises and falls on Jesus Christ. At it's core Christianity isn't simply worship of Jesus, or devotion to Jesus, or following his teaching - but a relationship with Jesus. You can't have a relationship with someone you don't know.

Below are some resources to learn about Jesus, work out if he's worth trusting, and getting to know Jesus.

Who is Jesus?

A great way to learn about Jesus is to do the Alpha course! You can do it online for free here.

Session 1 Video

Session 1 reflection

Session 2 Video

Session 2 reflection

Session 3 Video

Session 3 reflection

Session 4 Video

Session 4 Reflection

Session 5 Video

Session 5 Reflections

Session 6 Video

Session 6 Reflection

Session 7 Video [How does God Guide us]

Session 8 [Who is the Holy Spirit]

Session 9 [What does the Holy Spirit do?]

Session 10 [How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?]

Session 11 [How can I make the most of the rest of my life?]

Session 12 [How can I resist evil?]

Session 13 [How and why should I tell others?]

Session 14

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Community Grants

To help celebrate the opening of our new Community HUB, a gift to the Redcliffe Community, Redcliffe Uniting are offering a grant round to coincide with the opening of the HUB.

Applications are open to Groups that Service the Peninsula and its residents.

Have a shared member with the Church

And seek to improve the life of those on the Peninsula.

Applications Close mid June for distribution end of July.


March HUB News

We have something wonderful to announce - the Grand Opening Dates of our Community HUB! Parts of the HUB will become active before - but this is our celebration weekend.


2021 Annual Report and AGM

From here you can download our Annual report for 2021, and prepare for the AGM on Sunday March 13th, after worship.