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If we could see influence - Christmas 2022

25 December, 2022 Paul Clark

"The best, most powerful Christmas service of my life..."


It's written in the Stars - 18 Dec 2022 - Service of Carols

18 December, 2022 Paul Clark

Join us as we sing through the Christmas Story and consider the stars! Including the James Webb Space Telescope and the story, "The Unhappy Star."


What is Christmas really all about? - 11 Dec 2022

11 December, 2022 Eric Lawson

What is Christmas really all about? with Rev Eric Lawson


Christmas, Past, Present & Future collide - 4 Dec 2022

4 December, 2022 Paul Clark

4 Dec 2022 - Advent is about the Past shaping the Present, and the Future shaping the Present. Can our future shape our present? It's three dimensional. Christ has come, Christ has risen, Christ will come again. Join Paul Clark as we explore this theme with our children.


6 Top Tips for Waiting for Christmas

27 November, 2022 Vickie Wallis

27 Nov 2022 - 6 Top Tips for waiting for Christmas, waiting for Christ. Beginning our Advent Series. With Vickie Wallis.


20 Nov 2022 - Teachable & Humble

20 November, 2022 Hairy Puppet

Don't call anyone Teacher, Master or Father. What did Jesus mean, and how can these attitudes of being teachable and humble help us create a more united world? Come and Join Jenny, Hairy and another special guest this week. Matthew 23:1-12. With Puppets.


13 Nov 2022 - Judging & Forgiveness

13 November, 2022 Tim Griggs

Jesus challenges us not to judge, or we will be judge, and to forgive, like Christ forgives us. Actually following this could lead to unity! Luke 6:37-42


6 Nov 2022 - Enemies

6 November, 2022 Paul Clark

Jesus' injunction to 'love our enemies' is perhaps the most radical of all Jesus' statements. Is it utopian dreaming, or the way the truth and the life? How on earth can we live this out in an evil world, or is living it out the only way to transform an evil world? Luke 6:27-36


30 Oct 2022 - Love

30 October, 2022 Paul Clark

Our second week on Uniting the Divided we tackle Jesus' assertion that Love is the Greatest Commandment. How can it unite a divided world? The Good Samaritan. Luke 10:25-37