Central African Republic

Submitted by JONGHYUK LEE on 16 June, 2020

May I request prayer for Central African Republic?

Thank you for last 2 time's contribution for a total stranger.

These are the prayer details I used to pray personally,and I hope more people to participate with.

-Prayer request for Central African Republic-

The second poorest country in the world (2020), located in Central Africa,where brutal war on nothing left dirt ground needs your prayer

Last 40 years political,military chaos,this war is fool of massacre,child soldiers,rape,torture (for civilians) these days even running drought.

Now on territory where four-fifths controlled by armed groups

National psychology is extremely divided into Muslim-Catholic,Anti-Balaka,Ex-Seleka

'Sword' is going through where have no absolute'Humanity' on other side civilians.

Would you please pray for 74358 children suffer from acute malnutrition,643 thousand refugees,5 million people desperately need Humanitarian assistance,half (5 Million) of population cannot access to clean water, and three quarters cannot get basic sanitation,thousands of children (soldiers) used as human shields/girls used to evil against women,

Now on hospital in Bangui which left a few in total Central African Republic, putting IV drips on hospital corridor for have no capacity to accept.

Would you please pray for

1.Children under 5 years old fighting their lives with Pneumonia,malnutrition,influenza,stroke,tuberculosis,malaria,HIV,heart disease,diarrhoeal disease.(Most severe in CAR) Also up to 1)12 years children,2)up to 40 years adults (Population structure of CAR is concentrated on this)

2)Pregnant women (For maternal mortality rate)

3)To halt genocide (clash between people),mercy,save lives of civilians during wartime,rebel invade,and end this war

4)mercy on people/children involving battle today


5)643 thousand refugees,everyday is seating absolutely without hope,normally relief food scarce by one week without three weeks supply)

6)Female protection from violence/evil against women (for this war this too cruel for women).

7) Orphans (350 thousand),especially those have lost parents during battle,especially female children/babies.

About More information organizations,Unicef past years (with staffs blood consumption) made precious report :

https://www.unicef.org/media/47466/file/UNICEF_Child_Alert_CAR_2018_EN.pdf (Let me emphasize 'Esther's story')

Lastly my small wish is we can 'keep' pray for the people of I requested before Chernobyl children and Chad,

Let's see the miracle of God together, when the problem has solved,let me send you a nice praise report.

Thank you for your attention and May LORD richly bless you.

So many obstacles & trenches, need strength & the kindess of those around me

Submitted by Cara on 18 April, 2020

Heavy heart today, I'm sitting thinking how can all this be. My grandmothers cancer nightmare battle, resulting in 1/3 of her left lung being removed, but I still have faith. She is in recovery thank you God. My mum was made redundant, no savings but we had faith. I got blessed with a job opportunity, but that too got taken away. I still have faith, but we have nothing now. God I pray that you hear me today. I pray someone else can notice me crying out for help. We are struggling and we need help. But we have faith hope and love

God love us

Submitted by Simone Blanche on 28 March, 2020

Please pray for birthdays, Christmas. World Issues. Teachers. Well equipped for every good work. Finances. HEBREW. MINISTRY. WORK. LOVE. All things prayer for LORD GOD. JEHOVAH love You thanks.

Salvation for Stu

Submitted by Emi on 27 March, 2020

Please pray for Stu to find salvation. Pray he will find peace in our Lord, and a love and acceptance unlike any he has experienced before. Thank you.

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