Please pray for me re dental problems

Submitted by Melanie on 16 July, 2019

I’ve had a second opinion and now have to go to a specialist for dental work in 2 weeks. I’m terrified about everything, what may need to be done and how long I have to wait. Please pray for me. Thank you

Pray for dental work please

Submitted by Melanie on 15 July, 2019

I may have to have major dental work depending upon 2nd option. This is extremely stressful as I have multiple allergies (we are still trying to work them all out) and they may need to use things I’m allergic to which terrifies me. Please pray they won’t have to use any medication when treating me and the work that needs to be done is not as serious as first thought. Thank you!

Pray for healing

Submitted by Mel on 13 July, 2019

Please pray for me. I need a miracle. I need God’s help, I’m just not sure if I believe anymore and I want to. I need help and I’m scared. I really need healing. Thank you for praying for me. I’m sorry I’m too ashamed to give full name and contact details but I really need prayer please I really need God’s help and I just don’t feel like he listens to me and I hope by having others pray for me he might help me.

Sri Lanka

Submitted by Paul Clark on 16 March, 2019

Pray for Sri Lanka and all those affected by the recent terror attacks.

Prayer Requests

Submitted by Paul Clark on 26 January, 2019

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