Submitted by Simone on 25 August, 2021

Please pray for all this work to come in to our business and to other work places. May we manage it all really well. Have the right people, the right jobs and the right everything we need. May we bring glory to you and be fully blessed. All the things You, JEHOVAH love for the Business and anything else. THANKS. Prayer about everything. Be blessed.

Prayer Requests

Submitted by Tavershima on 25 July, 2021

Pray that God will give me a wife or life partner according to his perfect will and that He would do a total and comprehensive work of healing and deliverance on me and give breakthroughs in every facet of my life

Prayer for my relationship

Submitted by Melanie on 12 May, 2021

Please pray for my relationship with my fiance. We have had many problems and it has caused serious arguments in the relationship. I feel that we are going through spiritual warfare in our lives. We have both overcome so many things and now I feel the relationship is in trouble. I blame myself for not handling our problems better. I am distraught right now. I don't know what to do. I desperately want to resolve things but right now he is not even speaking to me. We don't live together and I feel I have ruined everything. I just don't know what to do. We need God's help. Please pray we resolve things. I just want him to speak to me so we can sort things out.

Prayer Requests

Submitted by Paul Clark on 26 January, 2019

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